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Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA, USA


micro greens
macro quality

Supplying the Philadelphia area's finest restaurants, caterers, and private chefs with fresh, hyper-local, premium microgreens.

Our microgreens are not pre-cut or shipped — they're delivered to you living, in reusable hydroponic trays. Your kitchen staff can harvest them before service or at the pass for a literal farm to fork dining experience.

We deliver in returnable, full-sized, certified food-grade trays. Trays can be stored in your walk-in, dry storage, or kitchen, and typical shelf life is 7-12 days. 

We'd love to help you provide the finest, freshest, local ingredients to your guests.

Leek microgreens on seafood ceviche


Reach out to schedule a tasting, to learn more, or to order.  |  215-789-9887

Looking forward to serving you.

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